Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, the goal is to establish safe

ty and stability, improve communication skills, increase empathic understanding of why the partner is the way she or he is. 

The goal is also to teach healthy conflict resolution skills and promote the clients selection and attainment of reasonable future goals or expectations. 

Interventions include assessment for and to treat or rule out suicide, homicide, life threatening drugs, alcohol or food abuse; spouse or significant other abuse.  Ask clients to individually state if she or he wants to stay in the relationship and work toward improvement; or whether she or he wants to get out of the relationship or doesn’t know and focus therapy accordingly. 

The goal is to teach improved communication skills, to promote the appropriate experience and expression of a wide range of feelings. 

The goal is to teach clients how to separate their thoughts from their feelings and how to react to situations based on reflection rather than on automatic reflexes.