Individual Therapy

Goals for Therapy

In individual therapy our focus is to resolve the issues that bring the client to counseling and to help the individual to experience life as a thriving, nurturing process.

We only do therapy with clients that are suitable. Performing as a therapist with an unsuitable client would be at best unethical, and at worst illegal.

Here at American Drug Recovery Program, out beliefs are that humans inherently strive for grown survival ad closeness with others; that people have within all the resources they need to flourish.

Our focus is on helping individuals access their nourishing potentials and then learn to use them wisely.

The focus is on feelings, understanding and transformation.  We work from a non-judgmental, growth promoting orientation.  Exploring family history is useful in helping clients learn more about the dysfunctional behaviors they are engaging in.

We educate about the impact and repetition of family of origin (FOO) dysfunctional behaviors.

Our aim is to increase the individual’s sense of their own well-being and to provide relief from neurotic conflict, allowing for normal development to proceed. 

Some of the issues we address involve overcoming depression, creating intimacy and trust, strengthening self-esteem, developing healthy boundaries, dealing with grief and loss, loneliness, loving without addiction, healing childhood wounds related to alcoholism, drugs, incest and other traumas and developing the ability to express healthy emotions.